Sing Sing Sing!

Molly and Gracie in their Sing Sing Sing costumes with Mommy

I have always loved music. Singing, playing the violin and piano in my youth, and dancing. Tap jazz and ballet for me. I loved performing in musicals as well. Oliver, The Pirates of Penzance, Trial By Jury and Mary Poppins are the musicals I have performed in, I have seen many more. I always loved […]

Heading into Month Two of Year Twelve

Barb holding application for first school board term

Tuesday is podcast release day. I often record them weeks in advance, as a matter of fact I have episodes recorded for the next four Tuesdays! But todays is quite relevant to “real time”. It describes a tough Friday I had.  I may be a bit too honest. A good amount of content refers to […]

Year Twelve and I’m Not “Board” Yet!

Barb standing with sign running for school board in 2011

There are many things I have learned in my four terms on the Concord School Board. Some of them have definitely made my life better, richer, and more knowledge-filled, and others have opened my eyes to all that is wrong in the political realm. While school boards should not be political tools, they are, sadly, […]


Painting of sunflowers

Elaine died December 5th. Like many things I learn, I came to know of this on Facebook. It was one of those posts that stopped me in my tracks. I sat down on the sofa and stayed perfectly still for quite a while.  Staying perfectly still is a defense mechanism for me. My physical stillness […]

Let’s Trip the Light Fantastic

Mommy, Gracie, Jack at the Sandy Hill Farm Winter Wonder Light Show in Eliot Maine.

I remember when the calendar turned from 2016 to 2017.  In the aftermath of Molly’s sudden death holding on to 2016, a year during which she was alive, gave us the possibility that Molly somehow still existed, that she would come back. As difficult as 2016 is to remember, 2017 cuts deep.  Those first three […]

Have Yourself A What?

Barb's tree, Jack decorating tree, Barb with Jack and Gracie in front of tree

Alas December is flying by. Part of me loves this. I am not a fan of this month. There are few months, actually that I am a fan of but December can hit hard. The cold, dark reality of life in New England along with the intense pressure to be happy. I will take a […]

30 Days of “Do I Have To?”

graphic says "30 days of -no- thanks"

I used to participate in the traditional Thirty Days of Thanks each year.  It made me feel good, I spent a portion of each day thinking about things for which I felt gratitude. Of course, this ended up being an “always happy somewhat repetitive” list. Don’t get me wrong, being grateful for all that we […]

If These Walls Could Talk

Things found when the walls came down for our kitchen reno like two hats, a newspaper from 1935, a pocket knife and some other small items

In preparing for a complete kitchen renovation, I knew that we would find treasure as the walls came down. That is the nature of old houses. Things make their way into walls and/or are put there to be found, like a time capsule. There are lots of loud noises that accompany construction. Hammers pounding, saws […]

Remembering Rusty

Rusty and I sitting at a table in 2015 at an Indoor Track Meet at UNH

Rusty died this week. As I age, and an ever-increasing number of co-workers, friends, colleagues and relatives run ahead to heaven, I can become anxious and a bit sad. To keep things in the cognitive realm, I go back to Eric Erickson and his stages of development. Most people will associate him with child development […]

The Tell Tale Tummy

bobcat digging up where picket fence and stone walkway once existed. The giant rock lay buried beneath

My tummy has been a gurgling unsettled mess for the last week. As I sat down to begin this blog my daughter Gracie came home from her morning coffee run. She is in the throes of acute bronchitis so in asking her how she was feeling we digressed into a conversation about my childhood experiences […]

Another October Friday the Thirteenth

Kenny and me in 2000 and how we are now in 2023

Twenty-Three years ago today, which is Friday October 13th, 2023 Kenny and I got married. It was one of the best days of my life at that time and remains as such still. It was a Friday the 13th in 2000 as well. There was a summer spell weather wise that year so that sunny […]

When The Sand Sings

Singing beach, Manchester MA

I needed an elective credit outside of my major my sophomore year at Boston University. I took a class called Coastal Environments with my teammate and fellow education major Marti. We thought it would be easy. I mean, what is so complex about the beach? Turns out quite a bit! The professor had us call […]

Everything Happens for a Reason

Caitlin and Dano in a Moab canyon (top) and a Wyoming field of Wildflowers

In my life since Molly died, I have been offered more advice, counsel, suggestions, support and sometimes criticism than I ever knew existed. I must say I am for the most part extremely grateful. There are times, however, when the words offered in the spirit of love are as sharp as the loss of Molly.  […]

The Screen Porch

Jack sharing Barb's morning space on the screen porch

I love screened in porches. Good morning world! As a child I remember a friend of mine had what was called a sleeping porch at her house. This was a second floor screened in porch with beds on it. Her family slept out there all summer. On those hot humid nights where the inside of […]

Where and What Exactly, is Motherland?

Barb Higgins showing us her new book Motherland

I knew for a long time that I wanted to write a book. The first time it came to mind was about 30 years ago. I have always lived a life full of crazy experiences, from triumph to tragedy and all of the unbelievable stuff in between. Several years before Molly died my friend Deb […]

The Body in Which We Live

Justina and Barb rope climbing at Amoskeag Concord

One of the things I love about CrossFit, especially as it relates to women, is the fact that there is really no “ideal” body for excelling at the sport, or with being successful in the gym at any level. The concept of constantly varied in the description of CrossFit and its philosophy opens the doors […]

Twenty Years of RB (and Molly)

Ryan Brown, Gracie, Barb

The muggy weather has returned and my mood has lifted considerably. While I truly enjoy the fall weather here in New England, I feel strongly that said weather should refrain from making an appearance until October. Needing a sweater for my morning coffee on the porch in August is just wrong. I am writing this […]

Is This Really Broadway?

Top photo: Derek standing behind Molly in 2016. Bottom photo: Derek with Barb family after the show 2023

We drove to New York City on Sunday. This in and of itself is no big deal, I have driven to NYC many times. I have gone there to see my larger-than-life billboard in Madison Square. I have gone there to deliver cats to JFK airport. I have run track and cross-country meets there. I […]

Aggie and Me on the 4th of July

Barb and Aggie

It is the fourth of July. I have timed road races on this particular holiday for most of my adult life. In small towns like Bradford New Hampshire to Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Massachusetts. When Molly died this became one of several things I stopped doing. It was simply too difficult to manage. I have […]