Jack’s Arrival

Barb pregnant with Jack, newborn Jack with Barb

As you read this, Jack Jack is turning two. I am not sure how this happened but here we are, two years after he made his early arrival. I remember it all too well! (Taylor Swift reference here). Throughout the entire “creation of Jack” process I had been able to maintain quality detachment. I was […]

How CrossFit is My New Track Team

Barb at crossfit. Barb and Emily Monaco. Barb in high school, @Boston University

I completed my 11th CrossFit Open on Friday March 3rd. This worldwide competition takes place once a year and it the first step for CrossFit Games competitors to secure their spots. I well remember my first one in 2013 at White Mountain CrossFit. I was just 18 months into this life changing sport and was […]

Yin Yoga and Toy Story

Gracie, Jack and Barb getting ready to watch Toy Story

I took a yin yoga class this week. It is the very kind of yoga that makes my skin crawl. Very slow, very deliberate, very quiet. I can feel trapped enough in my body on an uphill 8 mile run, during a 30 minute chipper WOD in CrossFit or jumping out of an airplane, so […]

Tom Walton

"Traditions Worth Preserving" book cover, Tom Walton boy and adult.

As I begin this blog I am reeling over the death of Tom Walton. He is just someone I didn’t expect to die. Although he was 74, he was the picture of health and strength. He is just someone I thought would live to be 100. Sometimes it makes no sense. Why him? Why now? […]

A Valentine’s Day Journey

Valentine's Day cookie that says "Love you Barb"

A love letter for a Valentine, who once was me! I am sitting in my sunny bedroom at 2:30 in the afternoon. I am in pajamas, although not the ones I slept in last night. It is warm and sunny out so I have the window open. Jack is at big boy school and Kenny […]

Oh No, Here She Comes

Women in Good Company - A thousand tiny steps - Crossfit Amesbury logos

I once told someone that if I were to write an autobiography, I would call it “Oh No, Here She Comes!” In fact, years ago I wrote a blog post about my trigeminal neuralgia diagnosis and gave it this title. It is easy to tell when people dread your arrival or stiffen as you approach. […]

CDA! “Can’t Do it Alone!”

Jack at Concord Dance Academy

Jack had his first dance class this week. We brought him because he has suddenly become obsessed with a pair of tap shoes that Gracie, and then Molly wore when they started dance. We thought it might be too soon for a class, and while he was timid at first, by then end of the […]

Muscles and Mascara

Janet and Barb. Stephanie, Barb, Lisa.

I love going to and competing in CrossFit competitions. The energy is palpable. The performances amazing. My first husband Eric used to complain that I had to make everything I did a competition. He was not wrong. We bought Nordic skis and I immediately signed up for some races. I love testing my limits, and […]

The Yucks and Yums of Life

Barb and Jack having fun

We all have our yucks and our yums. This is an important part of child development. Growing up and figuring out who you are, what you like and don’t like. Many of these preferences have been with us for our whole lives. Mike, the instructor of my hot yoga class this morning was talking to […]

A Chosen Family

Crossfit coaches at holiday gathering with Barb Higgins

Chosen family is not a new idea.    The number of times I have referred to close friends as family, or my BU teammates as family are too many to count. The positive description of family in these instances is a group of people who support love and accept one another. Most people have their […]