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Episode 86: Being Deep in Grief

A Thousand Tiny Steps
A Thousand Tiny Steps
Episode 86: Being Deep in Grief

Show Notes

After Molly’s death I was a disastrous mess. I was struggling with alcohol and drugs and at the same time dealing with the lawsuit. I had to deal with Roy moving on, dating someone new, and the different realities that he seemed to present to everyone around him. 

Key Takeaways: 

[5:43] The first actual breakup of Roy and I

[7:22] Being a disastrous mess grieving Molly  

[9:57] Having a huge fear of losing Roy

[12:29] Kenny, Gracie, and I all struggled in our grief 

[15:36] Kenny and Roy not liking each other 

[18:17] Roy wanted me to leave Kenny 

[21:53] Roy deleted me from his FaceBook

[23:44] Roy went out with a new woman 

[26:37] I feel like Roy orchestrated this situation 

[30:50] Wendy and I had these different realities of Roy

[32:44] I didn’t have this big happy family 

[34:26] Roy wouldn’t take me to the beach, but he took his new girlfriend

[37:05] I was struggling as Roy made his relationship FaceBook official 

[40:25] I would love to get closure 

[41:31] The lawsuit was ramping up 

[42:55] The triangulation in my life 

[45:00] Opening myself up for criticism 


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