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Episode 102: Holistic Health with Jennifer Lanie

Season 8
Season 8
Episode 102: Holistic Health with Jennifer Lanie

Show Notes

My guest, Jennifer Lanie is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who helps people have better health through what they eat. By using lab tests that you can’t get at the doctor’s she helps you do a deep dive into your health which is inspired by her own lifelong chronic illnesses. Jennifer continually gets up again as she goes through divorce, career changes, illness, and financial ruin.

Key Takeaways:

[2:09] The start of Jenn’s chronic pain with endometriosis

[4:10] Changing paths because she had no energy

[6:53] Becoming a teacher, taking a pay cut, and working non-stop

[10:32] Getting diagnosed with lupus and medications didn’t help

[13:39] Going to a naturopath who changed her life

[14:37] Doctors managing symptoms, not the root cause

[16:21] Leaving her violent ex, but I ended up going back

[18:23] Finding CrossFit and becoming an instructor

[20:41] Her Ex-husband being very controlling

[22:57] Being constantly sick with lupus

[26:16] Ex-husband leaving and making a life for herself

[32:09] Moving to Florida, but ending with filing for bankruptcy

[35:20] Covid happening, moving, and getting lyme disease

[37:58] Having terrible symptoms and then finding functional nutrition

[40:51] Realizing how stress impacted Jenn over the years

[46:07] How these lab tests are more than what you’ll get at the doctor’s

[51:42] How cortisol impacts your immune system

[53:21] Realizing I need more meditation and yoga

[55:59] Slowing down her life and finding self acceptance was difficult

[59:19] Finding what she was meant to do all along

[1:02] My health journey with Jenn and making life changes

[1:06] Emotional attachment to food


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