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Parenting Against All Odds

I Gave Birth at 57 Years Old After Losing My Teen Daughter

A Family's Story of Love, Loss and Resilience | Very Local

Behind Barbara and her husband’s decision to have a baby is a story of love, loss and resilience.

Beat 3 Brain Tumors. At 57 Gave Birth, Again | Barbara Higgins’ Story


Doctors explain how a 57-year-old woman had a successful pregnancy and birth

Meet the 57-year-old woman who gave birth

Barbara Higgins gave birth to a son at 57, nearly five years after she and her husband endured the death of their 13-year-old daughter.

New Hampshire woman gives birth at 57

Barbara Higgins is one of oldest women in the United States to give birth.

New Hampshire ChronicLE

Dynamo Barb Higgins on being the State’s eldest new mother

57-Year-Old NH Woman Celebrates Birth Of Baby Boy

At 57-years-old, Concord, NH teacher Barbara Higgins knows motherhood is a joy and a challenge.

57-year-old New England teacher gives birth to healthy baby boy

Her new son, Jack, was born Saturday.

Woman who lost child to brain tumor gives birth at age 57

A New Hampshire woman who lost her 13-year-old daughter to a brain tumor in 2016 has now given birth to a son – at age 57.

Barb Higgins opens up about giving birth at 57 - DailyMail TV

Barbara Higgins, 57, one of the oldest women in the US to give birth, opened up to DailyMailTV about her newborn son Jack.

57-Year-Old NH Woman Gives Birth

A New Hampshire teacher has become one of the oldest women in the country to have a baby.