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This podcast is for people who want to experience personal growth.

Finding joy in tragic moments is a difficult task, but by listening to the stories of an ordinary woman who goes through extraordinary experiences, you can learn how to get through anything.

About the show

Hear stories from Barb Higgins, the woman who had a baby at 57, lost her daughter to a brain tumor, dealt with addiction, and so much more.

Inside each episode, Barb shares a story from her life and how she got through each tough experience. From lessons learned to how she took her self-care to another level, Barb pulls you into her world of inspiring circumstances and leaves you wondering, how does she do it?

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Meet THE HOST: Barb Higgins

I grew up in NH with a relatively normal life and spent years as a school teacher. That all changed after losing my daughter Molly in 2016. 

My busy life came to a standstill. I spent time processing these events and I knew I needed something different. 

This lead me to having my son Jack at the age of 57 and starting a podcast to share my life story. I spend my time continuing to teach elementary school, coach athletes, and workout.

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