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Episode 105: Not Getting Stuck in the Mundane

Season 8
Season 8
Episode 105: Not Getting Stuck in the Mundane

Show Notes

As I took Gracie to another Disney audition and listened to her contemplate her goals, I began to contemplate my own. I don’t want to settle in my life and I’m trying to find ways to make the non-profit, my book, and my business work. In this episode, I dive into goal setting, not getting stuck in my ways, and the power of perseverance. 


Key Takeaways: 


[1:11] Gracie’s first audition with Disney and doing their college program

[3:51] Gracie’s next Disney audition was tough 

[5:52] Being supportive of her and helping her realize her goals 

[12:30] Complaining, not setting goals, and being stuck  

[16:49] Breaking 5 minutes in the mile, but slipping back to party Barb 

[18:13] Applying for my sabbatical because I wanted more from life 

[21:48] I don’t want to settle or muddle through my life 

[23:30] Learning to say no to things and making small changes 

[24:34] Helping others make lifestyle changes 

[27:29] Taking action instead of just thinking about it

[29:37] Learning to stick with things 

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