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Episode 112: The Giving Tree

Season 8
Season 8
Episode 112: The Giving Tree

Show Notes

We recently had to chop down a tree that has been on our property for years. It brings me great sorrow because change is difficult for me. I have so many memories of Gracie and Molly playing under the tree and now that it’s gone it’s like a piece of Molly is gone as well. But with these changes, I begin anew. 


Key Takeaways: 


[0:46] I didn’t like The Giving Tree when I read it 

[1:37] How we bought the house we live in 

[3:53] The early years of living in the house 

[5:15] The tree starting to show signs of aging 

[7:56] Remembering how the kids swung on the tree 

[11:54] We took a lot from the tree, but didn’t take it for granted 

[12:41] Rocky removed the tree and cried with me 

[17:11] The tree was proof that Molly was here

[19:06] The book launch, kitchen remodeling, and dance 

[21:01] When molly died, we didn’t have energy to tend to the yard 

[22:59] You can feel the sadness amongst the joy 

[23:55] My book signing and email newsletter 

[25:46] The seasons of my podcast and a possible new book 





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