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Episode 128: Living with POTS after COVID with Rosie & Lauren

Season 8
Season 8
Episode 128: Living with POTS after COVID with Rosie & Lauren

Show Notes

Rosie came on with her partner Lauren to tell her story of getting POTS after having COVID and how it’s affecting her life now. She’s currently in the process of trying to get a service dog which will hopefully help give her more independence. In this episode, we chat about what it’s like to have your partner be your caregiver and rethinking your life plans. 


Key Takeaways: 


[2:35] Getting COVID and then a high heart rate 

[8:30] Getting diagnosed with POTS early, but having to leave rugby 

[10:26] Realizing that this was going to be a life altering condition 

[13:05] How POTS effects Rosie in her everyday life 

[17:31] There’s no official treatment for POTS 

[21:32] How life has changed and not being able to drink alcohol 

[25:32] Why Rosie wants a service dog 

[29:49] Applying to get a service dog, getting rejected, and finally being accepted

[35:43] Rosie’s fundraising efforts and how you can help 

[38:46] Her family struggled to understand her illness, but are supportive 

[42:08] Living with POTS has been compared to heart failure 

[43:49] Learning how to ask for help 

[45:01] Where you can donate money and learn more about POTS 

[45:51] POTS is an invisible illness, but it’s valid 

[46:31] Growing up much quicker because of chronic illness 





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