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Episode 131: Fasting for my Religion

A Thousand Tiny Steps
A Thousand Tiny Steps
Episode 131: Fasting for my Religion

Show Notes

In this episode, I explore how and why different religions fast and what it says about society. It was fascinating to learn and all of the religions hold common themes. I also debate if fasting is healthy or not. It leaves me with one question: what does fasting mean to you? 


Key Takeaways: 


[0:57] Fasting as a Baha’i 

[3:37] Jewish people fast for purification 

[5:13] In Buddhism people fast for spiritual clarification 

[5:48] Christians practice lent giving up food, an item, or a behavior 

[7:54] Hindus mainly fast during festivals 

[9:26] Mormons fast once a month 

[10:57] Muslims fast for a month to teach self control and empathy

[11:51] Baha’i fasts last almost a month as a way to teach discipline 

[12:09] Balancing the morality of fasting 

[14:41] Pagan’s don’t fast voluntarily, but due to weather conditions 

[16:38] I would get my runners to give up one thing for the season 

[19:11] Is fasting healthy? The emotional attachments we have to food 

[24:43] I’m most likely not going to fast this year because I’m nursing

[27:15] What does fasting mean to you?



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