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Episode 141: Accepting my Brokenness

A Thousand Tiny Steps
A Thousand Tiny Steps
Episode 141: Accepting my Brokenness

Show Notes

Today, I’m taken back to a memory of my childhood and how I can’t undo the terrible things that have happened in my life. Accepting my brokenness as a part of my reality is what’s needed to find the wholeness from me. In this episode, I contemplate what I first needed to break like my kitchen and my yard in order to fix them. 


Key Takeaways: 


[0:48] I raised my siblings and it was a chaotic time 

[5:14] I felt like everything was out of control and the self blame 

[6:33] Fighting with Gracie and Kenny 

[9:42] Dealing with death week, Mothers Day, and the gala

[11:49] Kintsugi theory, ripping up the old to see the new with my kitchen and yard 

[14:33] I can’t undo the bad things that have happened to me

[16:37] Digging up shit, invisible scars, and what it says about our society 

[20:36] Why does my life never change? 

[23:36] I wasn’t chosen to have these terrible things happen to me

[25:44] Accepting my brokenness and the wholeness that can come from it 

[28:21] We’re all doing the best we can 

[30:09] What do you need to break in order to fix?

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