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Episode 25: I Keep Ending up in Traumatic Situations

Season 3 - Trauma
Season 3 - Trauma
Episode 25: I Keep Ending up in Traumatic Situations

Show Notes

Hindsight is a funny thing. Looking back on Facebook memories with Roy, my daughter’s health leading up to her death, and all the other choices made leave me in a tailspin. In this episode, I look into the trauma I’ve experienced and how I reenacted it with the choices I made.


Key Takeaways: 

[1:12] Trauma never goes away and retracing my steps 

[3:43] Looking back on Facebook memories with Roy 

[5:46] My kids getting upset and looking back on the choices I made

[9:37] Reenacting trauma that I’ve experienced 

[12:58] Penny pinching and choosing between a Disney trip and dance classes 

[15:42] Kenny being an amazing father and not wanting to cause disruption 

[17:34] Taking Molly to the doctor’s, but wondering: did I do enough?

[20:13] Taking the power from traumatic memories 

[21:35] Dealing with trauma after trauma, while my kids didn’t want the family apart

[23:11] Doing a movie with White Plains Hospital 

[24:40] Recognizing the fantastic things I’ve done among the struggle 

[26:27] The process of letting things go 

[28:50] Thank you to Taylor for my shirt 

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