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Episode 41: I’m Ridiculed for Crying

Season 4 - Being A Mom
Season 4 - Being A Mom
Episode 41: I’m Ridiculed for Crying

Show Notes

Crying is an emotional release that has so many mixed feelings surrounding it. Growing up, I was admonished for crying and that hasn’t changed in adulthood. As a woman I’m often seen as too emotional for crying and I make people uncomfortable. When I look back on my life, it’s so interesting to see who wasn’t afraid to cry and who was. In this episode, I explore the cultural, gender, and generational impact on crying. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:47] Being told it wasn’t okay to cry as a child 

[6:23] Society telling boys not to cry and thinking girls are lesser for doing so 

[8:03] Crying should be normalized 

[10:12] My college boyfriends weren’t afraid to cry 

[13:46] Crying a ton after Molly died and making people uncomfortable 

[15:23] Being admonished for crying 

[18:50] Learning I needed to not cry while my daughter does 

[22:23] Young girls being ridiculed for crying and being uncomfortable about it

[27:53] Miriam Bialik and Nora Mcinerny’s discussion on grief 

[29:14] Glennon Doyle and Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk about terminal cancer 

[31:03] Karen Kenney’s episode on crying

[33:35] Kenny being okay to cry, but generational differences separate us 

[34:43] Being given permission to cry 

[36:21] Thinking back to how different people in my life viewed crying

[38:07] Panicking about how time goes by so quickly 

[39:42] I cry a lot about what I’ve lost

[41:29] The many emotions around crying and what I’ve stopped crying about

[42:55] My kids being different around crying 

[44:02] $13,000 in scholarships for kids 

[46:36] World events are causing so many tears: guns, abortion, and war

[49:18] Everyone is so different with crying

[50:45] My journey of crying, expressing my emotions, and dissociating 

[53:16] How much do you cry?

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