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Episode 7: The Generational Gap and Changing Culture

Season 1 - Jack
Season 1 - Jack
Episode 7: The Generational Gap and Changing Culture

Show Notes

Times have changed from when I had my first child to now. My parenting style, social media use, and the changing culture about what makes a family has had profound effects on me. Stemming from the generational gaps in my household and the trauma I’ve endured, life is different. But underneath it all, I’ve seen the similarities between people, especially parents and not what makes us different, but what unites us. 


Key Takeaways: 

[2:20] The concept of family and where Jack belongs

[5:47] Generational gap in our family

[11:08] How I’ve changed as a mother 

[13:24] The trauma that I’ve passed onto my children and the effects of abuse

[19:02] My morning routine and Jack going to daycare 

[22:51] Gracie’s role in Jack’s life 

[25:06] Changing the narrative for women having children 

[26:44] The effect of social media on my life 

[31:01] The differences in parenting 

[33:03] The effect of having older parents 

[36:25] Changing culture around different families 

[39:23] Everyone’s journey is different 


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October 19, 2021

Podcast: A Thousand Tiny Steps

Episode #: 7

Episode Title: The Generational Gap and Changing Culture


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