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Episode 78: Picking my Life up Piece by Piece

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 78: Picking my Life up Piece by Piece

Show Notes

Losing my job was devastating and I had to pick up my life piece by piece. I worked a million jobs, spent tons of time with my daughters, and navigated a tricky relationship. I was left with many feelings when I felt like no one in my life supported me and everyone wanted me to resign. It has made me look back on this time and the regrets I have. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:33] None of my coworkers supported me

[4:30] I ended up resigning to keep my insurance and pay 

[5:53] Being accused of doing everything wrong as a teacher 

[8:31] My lawyer was not helpful and told me to resign 

[9:40] The agenda that Chris Rath had and how she shifted things

[14:50] Resigning and not fighting against it 

[16:48] Chris Rath made the people around her do what she wanted 

[17:35] Getting my belongings and leaving the building

[19:51] Putting my life together piece by piece 

[21:58] Roy telling me he can’t do our relationship anymore  

[24:22] Spending a ton of time with my daughters  

[26:47] Getting a restraining order 

[28:18] I kept saying yes to things I shouldn’t have

[30:37] Working multiple jobs, trying to stay afloat, relationship drama 

[32:52] Looking back on my regrets 


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