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Episode 85: Going to Amsterdam was a Life Changing Choice

Season 7
Season 7
Episode 85: Going to Amsterdam was a Life Changing Choice

Show Notes

The 2 weeks before Molly died was rough – to say the least. I debated if I was going to go to Amsterdam with Roy. I told Doug I was quitting my job and got him out of my life. I disappointed my kids and argued with Kenny. Each one of these choices proved to be life changing. In this episode, I explore the sadness and self-hatred I have in the aftermath. 

Key Takeaways: 

[5:08] Molly and Gracie’s dance competition 

[7:20] Molly doing theater and the headaches getting worse 

[8:14] Doug kept piling extra work on me 

[9:29] Doug wouldn’t stop texting me while I was with Roy 

[11:06] Doug kept wanting to drink tons of alcohol with me

[12:13] Spending time with Doug instead of my kids 

[13:36] Triangulation and narcissism in my life

[17:12] Telling Doug I quit 

[17:54] Arguing with Roy about going to Amsterdam 

[21:20] Doug going on a rampage, Molly getting sick, and tough choices 

[23:18] I still have so much sadness and self-hatred

[24:06] The doctor saying Molly had an eating disorder 

[25:00] I got a passport, but also planned to not go to Amsterdam 

[25:32] Telling my kids I was going to Amsterdam 

[27:59] Molly and Gracie were not happy I was leaving 

[30:12] Going to the airport with Roy 

[32:36] Enjoying my time in Amsterdam, but arguing with Roy 

[33:44] Suddenly feeling like something is deeply wrong 

[36:07] Staying with Roy an extra night would be a regret 

[37:33] Waking up to 65 texts about Molly being sick

[39:11] Molly not waking up 

[41:03] Telling Roy that Molly’s dead 

[42:36] I blocked Doug and didn’t contact him 

[43:01] Roy apologized to Molly

[44:23] Looking back and feeling insulted  

[45:14] Robin supported me while Molly was dying

[46:48] Arguing with Kenny during that week 

[49:10] Looking back on my choices 


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