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Episode 9: Grief and Guilt After Death

Season 2 - Molly
Season 2 - Molly
Episode 9: Grief and Guilt After Death

Show Notes

The trauma, grief, and guilt that comes with child loss is immense. My day to day life changed after my daughter Molly died, but with the help of online grief groups I’ve been able to work on my trauma. Not only has my life changed, but my daughter’s life was turned upside down and it has been an uphill battle to return to “normal” life. 


Key Takeaways: 

[6:14] The bond between my daughters 

[13:56] Changes in my family and the traditions we hold

[15:45] Children dying before their parents 

[18:41] What life was like after Molly died 

[25:49] Experience of fathers after child loss 

[27:30] The effects of Gracie losing her sister Molly

[29:00] Power of online grief groups 

[30:18] Guilt that comes with losing a child

[33:03] The future of the podcast

[35:10] The importance of small acts of kindness 


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November 2, 2021

Podcast: A Thousand Tiny Steps

Episode #: 9

Grief and Guilt After Death


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