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Episode 96: Needing an Escape Plan

Season 8
Season 8
Episode 96: Needing an Escape Plan

Show Notes

On the 4th of July, I think about my memories with Molly and what kind of future I’ll help create for Jack. I have been doing deep work with my anger, self sabotage, and this idea that I need an escape plan. Putting all my eggs in one basket makes me nervous and makes me feel like I need a plan B. I am learning to navigate these emotions and attempt to pull my life together. 

Key Takeaways: 

[2:02] My feelings on the 4th of July have changed 

[3:46] Reconciling with the good and bad in my life 

[4:51] Being victim shamed 

[6:11] My desire to keep things the same 

[7:43] The MollyB Foundation becoming certified 

[9:12] Helping kids pay for dance classes 

[11:06] My go to emotion is anger

[13:09] Continually self sabotaging my own efforts 

[16:21] The physical sensations of anxiety 

[18:06] Constantly needing an escape plan 

[25:13] If I self sabotage and it blows up, I can excuse my failures

[27:31] Getting off my phone and lying in silence 

[28:31] The things that trigger me 

[32:08] I’m having a turning point 

[34:44] Learning to tell a good story 

[35:58] I feel very judged in my hometown 

[39:03] The 4th of July will be different for Jack 

[42:05] Pulling my life together 


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