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Episode 11: The Inseparable Bond Between my Daughters

Season 2 - Molly
Season 2 - Molly
Episode 11: The Inseparable Bond Between my Daughters

Show Notes

My daughters Gracie and Molly have an inseparable bond. As they’ve grown up throughout the years, they’ve had great times with dance and theatre, as well as struggles with friends and school. At the same time, I had my own struggles with my marriage and job loss. In this episode, I look back on my daughters growing up, and the crushing tragedy that was Molly’s last week.


Key Takeaways: 

[3:11] Gracie’s arrival and my life when she was young

[6:15] Deciding to have Molly and her birth

[10:49] Learning to balance giving attention to my daughters 

[12:46] Gracie and Molly’s inseparable bond 

[15:33] My daughters love of dancing and starting school

[17:58] Taking a year long sabbatical teaching health

[19:37] Getting suspended from my job and struggling to find motivation

[21:09] Fighting in my marriage

[23:53] Molly helping others in school

[27:07] Molly and Gracie’s struggles in school and friends

[29:31] Gracie and Molly doing theatre  

[32:30] The struggles in my marriage 

[36:23] Trying to think back to where it all went wrong

[38:11] The last week of Molly’s life 

[42:19] Trying to cope with Molly’s death as a family

[45:55] The tragedy, having to live with it, and kind gestures 


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