Barb and Molly on life support at hospital
At the hospital with Molly on life support

Episode 12: The Last Week of Molly’s Life

Season 2 - Molly
Season 2 - Molly
Episode 12: The Last Week of Molly's Life

Show Notes

In this episode, I look back on the few months leading up to Molly’s death and in particular, her last week alive. The few months leading up to Molly’s death were frustrating, and I worried as her condition worsened. Come along with me as I look back on all the little steps that brought me here, and the amazing community support I had along the way. 

Key Takeaways: 

[2:50] Molly’s first doctor appointment on February 28th

[6:03] Sleeping in and vomiting during March and the beginning of April 

[8:24] Molly being written off at the doctor’s for the second time 

[10:40] Deciding to go to Amsterdam with Roy and my kids not wanting me to leave

[15:35] Molly going to the doctor again while I was in Amsterdam at the end of April

[16:28] Coming home and Molly going to the ER

[18:58] Molly getting weaker and the hospital not doing a CAT scan 

[22:02] Molly stops breathing and being resuscitated 

[23:44] Finding out Molly has a brain tumor and being transferred to a different hospital 

[28:30] The people that came to visit us in the hospital on Monday and Tuesday

[30:24] Surgery to take the tumor out was a success and waiting for her to wake up

[33:44] Finding out Molly is brain dead and will never wake up

[38:27] Having to explain to my daughters dance group about Molly

[42:31] Inviting a wave of visitors on Thursday and Friday 

[50:13] Molly making the news and laying in her bed on the last night

[51:57] Taking Molly off of life support on May 7th

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