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Episode 17: The Christmas Show

Season 2 - Molly
Season 2 - Molly
Episode 17: The Christmas Show

Show Notes

My daughters have been dancing in the Christmas Show even since they were little. When Molly died traditions in my household changed and I began to see things differently. From starting to raffle off a basket full of things Molly loved, to fundraising for an arts scholarship in her name. In this episode, I explore the Christmas Show and everything it represents, alongside my trauma and learning to step out of grief.


Key Takeaways: 

[6:10] The tradition of the Christmas Show

[9:01] Raffling off the Molly B basket and Gracie reeling dance back 

[12:01] Peyton winning the Molly B basket in 2017

[16:30] Rachel Hunger winning the Molly B basket in 2019

[18:17] The significance of Gracie playing Mother Ginger again 

[20:13] Making the 2021 Molly B basket in honor of Diane Peterson

[23:37] Jack’s first Santa photos, the Molly B scholarship, and Molly’s friends graduating 

[28:59] Gracie’s home at the dance academy and the friendships I’ve lost 

[32:31] The effect of trauma bonds on relationships 

[34:42] Stepping out of grief to change my viewpoint 

[36:22] You can choose how to celebrate your holidays with grief 


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