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Episode 18: Trauma Bonding in Grief

Season 2 - Molly
Season 2 - Molly
Episode 18: Trauma Bonding in Grief

Show Notes

As a result of trauma, boundaries have been a lifelong struggle for me. From my friendship with Robin, my friendship with Steph, and my job loss at Bow boundary crossing has followed me. I explore these 3 events in my life and how trauma has affected them. In this episode, not only do I share my journey with trauma, but also what I have begun to learn about my behavior.


Key Takeaways: 

[1:15] My struggle with setting boundaries as a result of trauma 

[8:58] My friendship with Robin

[15:21] Getting legal support from the wrong person

[17:59] How my friendship with Robin also impacted my kids 

[21:11] Being hired to coach track and field in Bow 

[25:11] Getting bigger track teams and visiting Molly’s grave with them 

[26:52] Meeting and supporting a runner who lost a parent 

[29:08] Butting heads with the administration and parents while feeling unsupported

[33:00] Getting a tattoo, showing it to my runners, and getting suspended 

[39:19] Managing a charter school that failed

[41:30] Beginning to understand where my behavior comes from 

[49:36] Understanding that just because I lost a child doesn’t mean people will be kinder

[51:47] What the future holds


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