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Episode 19: My Support System Through Grief

Season 2 - Molly
Season 2 - Molly
Episode 19: My Support System Through Grief

Show Notes

Although I have gone through tremendous grief, I have a large support system to help me through it. From online support groups to connecting with other mothers in grief and reconnecting with high school friends, my social network has cast far and wide. Sharing these deep conversations with others has helped me create meaningful connections and process my grief. 


Key Takeaways: 

[2:01] The guilt in child loss and people’s responses 

[3:51] My mindset with abusive and traumatic thinking 

[5:41] Finding kindness in grief and the loneliness of it 

[8:36] Finding support in online support groups 

[16:18] Making a connect with Brandy 

[18:15] Sharing grief with Jen Hunger 

[19:31] Other people I’ve connected with through grief 

[22:18] Bill Rogers and our conversations on grief 

[26:45] How the CrossFit community helped me through a sense of community 

[31:01] The effect that Molly had on RB Productions

[32:41] Getting support from school district folks and longtime friends 

[38:43] Getting back in touch with friends from high school 

[41:05] The difficult support of family in child loss 

[41:53] Molly didn’t suffer death alone and acknowledging her death 

[43:39] Through the good and the bad I have support 


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