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Episode 3: Discovering my Brain Tumors

Season 1 - Jack
Season 1 - Jack
Episode 3: Discovering my Brain Tumors

Show Notes

Having a baby was far from my mind in this episode as we dive into my medical tragedies and of course, the wonderful support system I met along the way. From my brain tumors, to my jaw surgery, to Kenny receiving a kidney, and the joy that came from the tragedy of Rachel Hunger’s death. 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:36] Finding out I have brain tumors 

[7:12] Neurological tests and scheduling surgery 

[10:45] Christmas time and trying for normalcy 

[12:07] Going into surgery 

[15:19] The wonderful visitors that helped me along the way 

[18:45] The aftermath of surgery 

[20:56] Miraculous recovery and the connections I made 

[23:31] Having surgery for my jaw 

[25:09] Getting back to daily life 

[26:45] Rachel Hunger on life support

[29:38] Kenny receives a kidney from Rachel

[30:35] Recovering from operations and finally getting to have a baby


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September 21, 2021

Podcast: A Thousand Tiny Steps

Episode #: 3

Episode Title: Discovering my Brain Tumors


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