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Episode 4: My IVF Experience

Season 1 - Jack
Season 1 - Jack
Episode 4: My IVF Experience

Show Notes

Being an older mother had its challenges from doing two IVF transfers to dealing with preeclampsia. In this episode, I discuss my IVF experience, keeping my pregnancy a secret for months, and the journey of Jack’s birth. 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:14] The importance of Jack’s birth and cleaning my house 

[5:01] Preparing for IVF

[7:23] The first IVF transfer

[11:12] Plethora of tests and COVID putting a hold on IVF

[16:52] The second transfer

[18:44] Finding out I was pregnant

[20:58] Keeping my pregnancy a secret 

[27:00] Telling Gracie I’m pregnant and navigating it as a family

[30:23] CrossFit accomplishments 

[32:15] The connection made with my ultrasound technician

[36:37] The response I received to having a baby

[37:49] Christmas Eve and Gracie’s allergic reaction 

[39:48] Thinking about the risks of pregnancy as an older mother 

[42:28] Struggling to accept preeclampsia 

[45:51] Going into labor 

[48:02] Giving birth with no epidural 

[51:32] Jack is born

[54:17] The importance of self-care


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September 28, 2021

Podcast: A Thousand Tiny Steps

Episode #: 4

Episode Title: My IVF Experience 


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