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Episode 30: Should Grief be a Disorder?

Season 3 - Trauma
Season 3 - Trauma
Episode 30: Should Grief be a Disorder?

Show Notes

When I read that grief has been classified as Prolonged Grief Disorder, I had mixed feelings. I’m happy to see that more people can have access to treatment, but why does everything need a label? Grief will forever be a part of my life, it’s not a linear timeline, and what is “normal” grief anyway? In this episode, I’ll ponder if grief should be a disorder in the first place, or if doctors have it all wrong.


Key Takeaways: 

[3:28] Being criticized for getting over grief “slowly” and being told to stop being sad

[5:25] Holding myself to a standard that’s too high and what triggers me

[7:07] A parallel existence, the grief besides the joy 

[8:21] You don’t move on from being a parent

[11:07] Grief being classified as Prolonged Grief Disorder and how it’s insulting

[15:23] Grief can’t be classified in a neat little timeline

[18:07] How a child is categorized as special needs in different states 

[20:02] Why do we have to label everything?

[22:24] How grief being classified as a disorder means people can get help they need

[24:53] There is no “normal” grief and it’s a lifelong problem 

[28:17] Grief is a long, long process and where I’m at in the process

[31:45] Being told to move on and peoples expectations 

[33:21] It took me 2 and a half years for Molly’s death to sink in

[35:36] Doctor’s thoughts on how to treat grief as a disorder 

[37:39] What’s next for me and should grief be labeled as a disorder?


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