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Episode 31: Accepting and Healing from Trauma

Season 3 - Trauma
Season 3 - Trauma
Episode 31: Accepting and Healing from Trauma

Show Notes

As I look to the next chapter of my healing, I am working on confronting my trauma and coping from it. Being self aware and mindful of my relationships with others has been a struggle, but learning how to utilize gratitude and create room for trauma has allowed me to work on healing.

Key Takeaways:

[3:27] Looking at my life right now and how I’m healing

[6:58] Having the same experience, but different reactions

[10:47] Confronting my trauma and coping from it

[15:39] Looking at what triggers me

[17:41] Struggling with executive functioning due to trauma

[20:10] Being self aware and having mindfulness is difficult for me

[23:08] Recognizing my feelings and putting a label to them

[24:31] Nor having a place to practice mindfulness and my phone distracting me

[29:25] Molly loved theater and how her foundation will help others in the same way

[32:28] Traumatic relationships on top of financial stressors

[34:47] How relationships in my life have changed since Molly’s death

[37:44] How shame plays a role in relationships

[40:25] Trying to find balance in my life

[41:59] How physical movement can help one heal from trauma

[47:07] Physical touch is tough for me

[48:44] How touch helps, but is a double-edged sword

[54:38] Jumping in and saving others, but not myself

[56:04] Gratitude allows you to use your stress hormones appropriately

[58:31] Being in flight, fright, or freeze

[1:02:17] Bring able to help others with this podcast

[1:04:55] Creating room for traumatic memories because they don’t leave you

[1:06:00] Recovery is a lifelong journey

[1:09:41] Wanting my children to have a large support system

[1:10:36] Thank you for the support

[1:13:38] What’s next for me

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