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Episode 33: My Daily Life with Jack

Season 4 - Being A Mom
Season 4 - Being A Mom
Episode 33: My Daily Life with Jack

Show Notes

My daily life with Jack is very different than with Gracie and Molly. When Gracie and Molly were young we were paying a mortgage and working full-time. Now I have more freedom to spend time with Jack and travel. In this episode, I dive into my day to day with Jack and how that has changed.


Key Takeaways: 

[4:46] Not worrying so much as I did with Gracie and Molly 

[6:46] Being older and planning more for Jack’s future 

[9:42] Working full-time, coaching, and paying bills 

[11:25] My mother helping to take care of Gracie and Molly 

[12:18] Kenny struggling to adjust to our new normal 

[16:21] Family not being around all the time or providing childcare 

[20:03] Jack’s siblings and the age gap between them 

[23:20] Jack going to childcare is a huge change 

[25:26] Having more time and freedom to spend with Jack 

[27:47] Breastfeeding Jack with the help of donated milk 

[30:09] There’s no right or wrong way to parent 

[31:46] My expectations for Jack 

[32:57] Kenny going to doctor’s appointments is different 

[34:28] Jack has traveled a lot more than Gracie and Molly ever did

[36:01] Starting a conversation about death and preparing to die 

[38:50] Wanting to be honest with Jack about my experiences 


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