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Episode 34: Gaining Perspective as a Parent

Season 4 - Being A Mom
Season 4 - Being A Mom
Episode 34: Gaining Perspective as a Parent

Show Notes

As I’ve grown older as a parent, I’ve also gained so much perspective on life. There are so many differences between raising Jack versus Gracie and Molly from childcare arrangements, breastfeeding, and the relationships around me changing. In this episode, I delve into how this perspective has helped shape my parenting journey with Jack. 


Key Takeaways: 

[2:46] Life is not linear 

[5:01] Gaining perspective as I grow older and holding onto things

[7:48] Things don’t stay the same just because I want them to

[9:24] Pain in my body from overuse as an athlete 

[12:36] Struggling to sleep 

[13:52] Breastfeeding hasn’t been as easy with my age 

[16:54] Dealing with bladder issues and menopause 

[18:18] Being in fantastic shape for my age

[19:22] Being older when pregnant and having an age gap within relationships 

[22:59] Being an older mom with Gracie and Molly 

[24:28] Gaining perspective as an older mom 

[25:46] Sending Jack to childcare unlike Gracie and Molly 

[27:17] Finding the balance of pushing your kids and being supportive 

[28:24] Not having mom guilt and Jack spending more time with his dad

[29:25] Kenny taking more responsibility in raising Jack

[30:44] Not being married, but co-parenting Jack together 

[32:33] Gaining more patience with having Jack 

[34:50] Having a community around me to help raise Jack 

[37:25] My platonic and romantic relationships have changed 

[39:02] What I ignore for myself in parenting Jack and sitting with my thoughts 

[42:25] Realizing where I’m meant to be 


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