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Episode 35: Technology has Changed my Parenting

Season 4 - Being A Mom
Season 4 - Being A Mom
Episode 35: Technology has Changed my Parenting

Show Notes

The internet is a beautiful tool that has helped me find the answers to any questions I have, but it has also dampened executive functioning in kids. Not only is the internet a double-edged sword, but the tools parents use today are too. From the intense video monitoring to the technologically advanced bassinet things have changed for better or for worse. As I navigate all these changes, I think about the world I’ve brought my children into. 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:24] Love hate relationship with the Boston Marathon

[2:53] Recreating things in the hopes that they’ll be different 

[4:49] The easy access to the internet now 

[6:11] The beauty of the internet 

[7:44] Kids not thinking through the process of finding an answer anymore 

[9:21] Executive functioning and going through steps is difficult 

[10:31] Preoccupying your baby and not staying present 

[11:51] Baby monitors and jumping to a baby’s cry 

[14:16] Social media allows me to find support groups 

[15:16] Being well-known in my community, the issues, and being addicted to phones

[17:31] Technology has allowed parenting to be more streamlined 

[18:32] Contemplating the world I brought my kids into with 9/11 and COVID

[21:52] Jack going to childcare for his social development 

[23:23] I’m much more active than 20 years ago 

[24:34] Jack’s world is bigger and smaller at the same time 

[25:40] How the concept of gender identity, race, and class has changed on TV

[28:40] Wanting Jack to grow up open-minded and to make his own choices 

[29:47] Navigating my emotions around Jack


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