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Episode 36: Trauma Impacts my Family Unit

Season 4 - Being A Mom
Season 4 - Being A Mom
Episode 36: Trauma Impacts my Family Unit

Show Notes

My family and the support I have has changed significantly compared to 20 years ago. It’s caused me to examine my choices, take ownership for them, and acknowledge my trauma. In this episode, I look to the past and the future to see how trauma has and continues to impact my parenting. 


Key Takeaways: 

[1:20] Feeling triggered by doctors and struggling without pain meds 

[6:48] Almost backing out of going to Amsterdam 6 years ago 

[8:53] Molly throwing up and not going to the doctors with her 

[9:48] Deciding to go to Amsterdam and my kids being upset with me 

[12:04] My family unit has changed significantly 

[14:27] My mother not being full time child care anymore and sending Jack to childcare

[18:53] Teaching Jack to be more inclusive than I was with Gracie and Molly 

[21:08] It’s not my daughter’s responsibility to care for my child 

[23:10] Finding a variety of people to be my village 

[24:38] Not being able to sit still and having panic based thinking 

[26:28] Recognizing I have to step back and acknowledge my trauma 

[28:21] Learning to ask for help and being honest with Jack 

[29:33] Taking ownership for the choices I’ve made 

[31:56] Learning to slow down and enjoy the moment 

[33:43] Please donate to the MollyB Foundation 

[35:49] Moving forward in life 


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