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Episode 37: Raising Jack in a Country with Political Strife

Season 4 - Being A Mom
Season 4 - Being A Mom
Episode 37: Raising Jack in a Country with Political Strife

Show Notes

Roe vs. Wade and Molly’s death week happening at the same time sent me into an anxious fury this week. The politics happening in America made me ponder the values I’m instilling in Jack and how that will impact him. In this episode, I dive into what values are important to me, how they differ from when I brought Gracie and Molly into the world, and the hopes I have for Jack’s future.


Key Takeaways: 

[1:19] Feeling angry and anxious at the world 

[2:07] Molly had 3 deaths 

[3:58] Feeling unsupported in raising Jack 

[6:17] As a woman I’m told to hide my feelings 

[9:20] Shoutout to my friend Lisa for being consistent with CrossFit 

[10:41] I appreciate my high school friends 

[11:50] Mother’s Day is a memorial day for moms who lost their kids 

[13:39] Bob Turner’s podcast about ordinary people doing extraordinary things

[16:14] Jack growing up in a country with political strife 

[18:25] A powerful nation denying women healthcare they deserve 

[20:49] Losing my baby at 25 weeks 

[23:51] Kids go to my CrossFit and are able to see that women can be strong 

[26:28] Gracie and Molly were apart of the Baha’i faith and raising Jack with religion

[29:23] Where my family stands politically and how that impacts Jack

[30:33] How LGBTQ+ rights have changed since I’ve had Gracie 

[33:27] How America has changed from 20 years ago

[34:33] How Kenny my ex-husband and I were raised differently 

[36:15] Struggling with politics and Molly’s death, but pushing through 


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