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Episode 38: My Life is not What I Imagined

Season 4 - Being A Mom
Season 4 - Being A Mom
Episode 38: My Life is not What I Imagined

Show Notes

When I was younger, I didn’t imagine my life going like this. Losing Molly, having Jack, letting go of expectations, and having to find closure has had its struggles. As I ponder on how my life is different from what I expected, I also have gratitude for what got me through tough times: running and theater.   

Key Takeaways: 

[3:05] My love of the running community and timing races 

[4:50] Gracie withdrawing from the musical the year Molly died

[8:21] Theater surrounding a dark time in my life 

[10:07] RB Productions chooses such emotional, raw shows

[13:56] How I relate to theater and find connects in my life

[17:41] Theater is a big deal in my community and supporting the arts 

[21:58] Trying not to recreate Gracie and Molly’s life for Jack 

[24:11] Wanting to find piece of mind in my life and loss

[26:27] Trying to find closure and letting go of expectations

[27:27] My life is so different from what I imagined 

[28:15] I can’t create an Americana life with Jack

[29:14] How I decided to have Jack and what I would have done if I didn’t 

[30:57] Thinking about Jack’s purpose 

[31:55] Jack helped save me from the dark parts of myself 

[33:41] Forcing religion on your kids

[38:05] My life will never go back to “normal”

[41:08] Creating a very busy schedule 

[42:42] What I’m looking forward to next 

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