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Episode 39: I’m a Helicopter Parent

Season 4 - Being A Mom
Season 4 - Being A Mom
Episode 39: I'm a Helicopter Parent

Show Notes

Helicopter parenting has become a buzzword that everybody is talking about and I am one of them. Sort of. I let my baby go to daycare when I never let my older children out of sight with someone I didn’t know, but as the world has changed so have I. In this episode, I explore how to be a good role model for my children while still sticking to my values as a parent. 

Key Takeaways: 

[2:37] Walkability and independence in my town 

[7:23] Allowing everyone in my family their own space 

[8:13] Breastfeeding my kids is important to me 

[11:00] I don’t give my kids chores

[13:01] I’m afraid something will happen to Jack 

[14:54] Teaching my kids to advocate for themselves in medical situations

[16:41] The shortage of baby formula 

[18:11] What I’m changing about Jack’s diet 

[20:58] Teaching my kids the risk of social media 

[22:43] Allowing Jack to go to daycare

[23:45] I never let Gracie or Molly go to daycare and my scheduling changing

[25:05] The political realm is shifting from 20 years ago 

[26:24] It’s dangerous to go biking in America 

[28:02] Being a woman in a man’s world 

[29:22] I’m not a goal setter anymore 

[32:34] Not having a perfect life and trying to be a healthy role model 

[36:08] Writing in a journal and trying to set goals again

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