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Episode 43: Admitting I was an Alcoholic

Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Episode 43: Admitting I was an Alcoholic

Show Notes

Going to my first AA meeting in the 90s was a positive step in recognizing I had an issue with alcohol. Throughout my life I’ve had an on and off relationship with alcohol that has been difficult to manage. As I recount my experiences from 30 years ago, I reflect on where I am today.

Key Takeaways: 

[2:04] Thinking my time in Concord would be temporary 

[5:00] Going to my first AA meeting 

[7:53] Finding a new group of friends and a new job 

[11:00] Being sober for 4 years, but drinking again on and off

[14:08] Feeling happy and trying hard to clean up my act 

[19:01] The 12 steps of AA 

[27:41] Getting involved in the baha’i faith again 

[28:50] My social life changed because it wasn’t surrounded by alcohol 

[30:51] Surrounding myself with new people, but not letting go of the old 

[32:53] Why I’m an alcoholic and my childhood

[35:01] Alcohol was my saving vice after Molly died

[36:40] Not drinking during pregnancy 

[37:50] Different treatments I’ve tried for my alcoholism 

[47:24] Jack helps keep me sober 

[50:20] Going to the hospital because of an extreme allergic reaction 

[53:08] Alcohol is still a bad habit for me 

[56:44] Wanting to make a change in my life 


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