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Episode 44: I got Married After 11 Weeks of Dating

Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Episode 44: I got Married After 11 Weeks of Dating

Show Notes

After 11 weeks, I got married – to a narcissist. I didn’t recognize the signs: I was his third wife, younger than him, and he isolated me from family and friends. Marrying him was an impulsive choice accelerated by trauma bonds left unhealed. As I dive into this episode, I ponder what led me to marry him and why I keep repeating the same choices.

Key Takeaways:

[4:37] Starting to date Graham and alcohol in our relationship

[7:01] Working at a summer camp and immersing myself in the faith

[8:49] Meeting Eric, my first husband

[11:02] Getting married after 11 weeks

[12:51] Regretting getting married so quick and breaking up with my ex

[14:46] Eric wanted me to quit coaching and clean the house

[15:47] Going on a trip to Israel where Eric tagged along

[17:47] Starting a youth group and working at the summer camp

[20:01] I was Eric’s third wife and younger than him

[21:54] I stopped talking to my friends from Concord

[24:07] I repeat patterns again and again

[27:12] Becoming a really good coach

[29:29] I hate the term adulting and not feeling like one

[31:06] There are two sides to me

[32:17] Eric made me thrown out my love letters, but not his own

[33:11] I worry about boring people


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