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Episode 45: How Kenny and I Met

Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Episode 45: How Kenny and I Met

Show Notes

When Kenny and I met it was a time of chaos. We were both getting a divorce from our ex partners and trying to juggle the realities of adulthood. Our relationship was built on a solid friendship and I imagined what my life would entail, but that got turned on its head when Molly died. In this episode, I explore how Kenny and I met, the struggles we had, and how it set the foundation for the chaotic life that was to come.

Key Takeaways:

[8:43] Giving it a year to see if we could work, but knowing Eric and I were over

[10:11] Dating new people and still going to AA meetings

[12:12] A student confessing she had sex with her teacher and sharing my experience

[15:14] Chaperoning a field trip, meeting Kenny, and becoming friends

[18:37] Chaperoning another field trip with Kenny and spending time with his kids

[19:57] The chaos surrounding Eric and Kenny

[21:49] Spending time with Kenny and buying a house

[24:31] Struggling with drinking again and Kenny’s ugly divorce

[27:05] Helping Kenny find apartment and feeling safe with him

[29:30] Moving in with Kenny, but feeling like I was tearing Kenny’s family apart

[31:44] Realizing I was pregnant with Gracie

[34:19] Cutting down on alcohol in the summer of 1999

[35:09] Kenny and I come from such different family structures

[36:25] Making big progress in my career and timing a race at Martha’s Vineyard

[41:06] I planned to have kids with Kenny

[41:49] Buying my current house the second I saw it

[43:34] Feeling like everything was in place, but that the bad was around the corner

[44:40] Waiting for Kenny’s divorce to finalize to get married

[45:13] Our wedding plans almost ended in disaster

[47:47] Feeling such joy, not knowing how my life would turn upside down

[51:17] There is a 30 foot billboard with my face on it in NYC

[54:42] People’s response to me filming this commercial

[56:17] Please give feedback for the podcast


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