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Episode 46: The Birth of Gracie and Molly

Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Episode 46: The Birth of Gracie and Molly

Show Notes

Remembering the birth of Gracie and Molly has brought up raw emotion within me. I envisioned this white picket fence life: 2 kids, a loving husband, and a big house in a good neighborhood. That is not how life turned out in the slightest. Dealing with the grief of what I don’t have anymore, and what I’ll never get to experience is something I process everyday. 

Key Takeaways: 

[6:06] Winning a championship race and getting Coach of the Year Award

[10:35] The birth of Gracie 

[20:17] I couldn’t keep being pregnant with Molly a secret 

[25:02] The birth of Molly

[33:27] Gracie felt ignored when Molly was born 

[34:49] Continuing to coach full time after Molly was born

[35:57] Forgetting my breast pump and my day almost ending in disaster 

[39:01] Gracie and Molly nursed really well 

[40:24] I thought I would have this white picket fence life forever 

[43:09] Memories of Molly as a baby 

[46:18] Repeating old patterns of behavior when life is quiet 

[50:14] RB Productions of Rent was beautiful 

[53:02] Being able to give joy to someone else 


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