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Episode 49: People that have Impacted my Life

Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Episode 49: People that have Impacted my Life

Show Notes

When I moved back to Concord, I didn’t have a large group of friends and I had to build my social circle up again. There were so many important people in my life that made a big impact at one point and changed the path I was on. From spending time together with the girls I coached to the students I supported, I received something from all of them. Along the way, I learned how to build a family and what that means to me.

Key Takeaways: 

[3:17] I was social, but didn’t make close knit friends 

[5:03] I kept myself busy and my relationship with Meg at Second Start 

[9:22] My time with Chaz was a whirlwind who has supported me heavily 

[11:47] Jack and I grew up together and we ended up both coaching cross country 

[14:15] I didn’t get close with the people I worked with 

[15:25] Polly is my rock who I’ve fought with, but has always been there when I needed her

[16:51] Struggling with boundaries and coaching track 

[17:38] Chris was on the first team I coached and we clicked as people 

[19:40] Chris and I made each other scrapbooks of our time together 

[21:26] Rachel felt validated by me and I felt validated by her 

[24:57] Ember comes from a very religious family and how that played into my life 

[27:05] I didn’t take time off of coaching even after giving birth 

[28:17] I bonded with everyone on my track teams and we spent so much time together 

[30:12] Mariah was there to support me when I lost my job and Molly died 

[32:37] Reconnecting with my college friends who I didn’t see for years 

[35:43] Erin and Anna both had such strong ties to their family 

[38:08] I had to recreate my life when I moved back to Concord


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