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Episode 50: I struggle with Boundaries at Work

Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Episode 50: I struggle with Boundaries at Work

Show Notes

As I look back on my professional life, I realize that I’ve been asked to leave almost every job I’ve had. I’ve ignored so many red flags from nasty coworkers to recognizing my own issues with following rules and having boundaries. In this episode, I explore my relationships with others in the workplace and why I have struggled so much. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:13] I’ve always struggled with my behavior and boundaries in the workplace  

[5:02] I changed jobs a lot and self sabotaged my chances  

[5:45] Teaching in Woburn, getting into arguments, and probably not doing a good job

[7:06] Teaching in an elementary school, but deciding to leave after a year

[8:10] I contemplated my next move and applied to jobs 

[9:09] I took the job at Second Start and didn’t work as a team with another teacher 

[11:13] My brother Jonathan with ADHD inspired me to become a SPED teacher 

[14:25] The job at Second Start was challenging and only lasted a year 

[15:59] Working as a teacher at Walker school and being overwhelmed 

[18:45] I struggled to coach and teach with the same discipline 

[22:24] Taking a new job as a health teacher with a less than warm welcome 

[24:28] Julie and I split the job and it became so much better 

[26:25] I questioned myself and felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my potential 

[29:34] I’ve been asked to leave almost every job I’ve ever had 

[31:36] I push a boundary or decide rules don’t apply to me  

[37:06] I returned to Concord and stayed here, but I didn’t think I would 

[39:17] I met so many wonderful people, but struggled to show up on time 


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