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Episode 51: I Spent 15 Years Redefining Myself

Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Episode 51: I Spent 15 Years Redefining Myself

Show Notes

Connecting with siblings I didn’t live with, creating a track camp, and going through a 15 year period where I worked to redefine myself was a lot. In the 90s I spent a ton of time connecting with my siblings that I never really got to know and I cherish those relationships. In the 2000s, I achieved some of my proudest professional moments including starting a track camp. In this episode, I dive into how these big moments changed me as a person. 

Key Takeaways: 

[5:57] Thinking about the “what if’s” in my life 

[8:22] Creating relationships with my siblings later in life 

[13:52] This series of events with my family shaped me 

[16:41] 25 years of Princeton Camp helped shape me into a leader

[22:19] I started Barb’s Track Camp to provide opportunities to kids 

[26:32] Track Camp has changed over time, but I’m so proud of what I created 

[31:31] Creating a great track and field / cross country program at Concord High

[34:43] I’m great at event planning and I’m so happy to give back to my community

[38:10] I spent 15 years redefining myself 


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