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Episode 52: I was in a Relationship with my Teacher

Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Season 5 - Life Before Kids
Episode 52: I was in a Relationship with my Teacher

Show Notes

The lines are often blurred to me on what’s okay to share and what’s not. When a student came to me sharing that they were in a relationship with a teacher, I shared my own story of how I was in a relationship with my teacher, “science guy” when I was a young teenager. This choice proved to have a ripple effect – for better and for worse. As I had to share my story in front of a school board, I contemplate my feelings around our relationship and the narrative of sexual assault victims. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:34] Going to Washington D.C. and meeting Kenny 

[4:48] Being a health teacher and being criticized in lessons 

[9:40] A student came to me and said her friend was in a relationship with a teacher 

[11:54] The friend in a relationship with a teacher came to me a week later 

[12:59] Getting in trouble with Chris Rath for telling my story of sexual assault 

[17:05] The lines blurred of what’s okay to share with students 

[19:59] Other teachers were let go 

[21:09] Being forced to tell my story of sexual assault at a school board meeting

[23:59] Being harassed for telling my story and getting a restraining order

[26:48] Feeling powerless as “science guy” quickly got another job 

[30:40] Feeling like a sacrificial lamb for the district and not realizing my options

[34:08] Victims of sexual assault are guilty before proven innocent 

[38:05] Teaching consent and debating on where the lines blur 

[47:01] Being left with mixed feelings on the incident with “science guy”

[49:13] My next season and plans for having guests on the podcast


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