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Episode 54: I Struggled to Fit in at School

Season 6 - Life in High School
Season 6 - Life in High School
Episode 54: I Struggled to Fit in at School

Show Notes

Junior high school was a trying time for me between admitting I was being sexually abused to my mom to finding out who my biological father was. Through all the chaos and craziness I was trying to find my way and a group of friends to fit in with. It was not an easy endeavor and so I kept as busy as I could and tried not to be home. In this episode, I explore my early teen years and how it shaped me today.  

Key Takeaways: 

[8:30] 7th grade in junior high school was a transitional year 

[10:16] Doing activities outside of school and struggling with asthma 

[11:03] Recognizing I was suffering from abuse and telling my mom

[17:46] Going into 8th grade, not eating, and filling my schedule 

[19:09] My parents getting a divorce 

[22:13] Going to gymnastics camp and meeting such supportive friends 

[25:26] I kept myself busy with cheerleading so I didn’t have to be home

[27:20] Finding out Tom was my biological father 

[29:28] Being told to sit still and be quiet all my life 

[30:08] Trying to be popular, look a certain way, and socioeconomics of Concord 

[33:07] Being friends with people from different social groups 

[33:58] Molly was a floater like me 

[35:59] Becoming more confident through sports 

[38:05] Constantly feeling behind my friends 

[41:38] Giving your children space and not controlling them 

[42:54] I learned that I could feel both joy and tragedy at the same time 

[45:34] Social life has changed


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