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Episode 55: The Lows and Highs of my Sophomore Year

Season 6 - Life in High School
Season 6 - Life in High School
Episode 55: The Lows and Highs of my Sophomore Year

Show Notes

My sophomore year was full of ups and downs. I went into the year not knowing where to sit at lunch, and unsure of myself. I ended up going to Germany, quitting gymnastics, joining the cheer team, and becoming a track star. As all these amazing things happened, I spent more time with my teacher, science guy, which quickly became something more. 

Key Takeaways: 

[8:30] Going to gymnastics camp again and feeling harassed 

[11:03] Gymnastics camp giving me a social life

[12:36] My eventful first day of 10th grade as a cheerleader

[13:58] Mr. Smith made such an impact on my life

[17:07] Going to science guy’s class and being humiliated 

[19:34] Enjoying cheerleading, dances, getting drunk and in trouble

[24:35] Quitting gymnastics and struggling with my asthma 

[26:25] Keeping myself insanely busy and trying to find a new social group

[28:39] Starting to spend time with science guy in his apartment

[30:28] I struggle with boundaries and where lines can blur with teachers 

[34:01] Making excuses to spend more and more time with science guy 

[36:30] Going out for track because of science guy, but struggling with asthma 

[41:24] Feeling like I fit in, becoming a track star, and getting popular 

[45:57] Having sex for the first time at 15 and the trauma repeating in my life 

[50:53] I recreated the abuse and trauma from when I was younger 


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