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Episode 57: Crawling out of Depression in Senior Year

Season 6 - Life in High School
Season 6 - Life in High School
Episode 57: Crawling out of Depression in Senior Year

Show Notes

The first semester of my senior year was horrible. I dealt with a subpar cross country coach, argued with my friends, lost several races, my drinking got worse, and I had an abortion. I went into a depression and it was only the second half of my senior year that I was able to crawl out of it, find positives in the situation, and get a full scholarship to Boston University. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:13] Making a name for myself in the running community 

[4:16] Processing my relationship with science guy

[5:02] Falling in love with Jay and hour age difference 

[7:40] Getting a new cross country coach who wasn’t great 

[8:59] Getting nervous around a future olympian and losing to her 

[11:19] Agreeing to tie with Marty in a race and breaking that 

[11:23] Being upset with my running because I wasn’t first 

[14:30] Trying out for the musical and falling in love with theater 

[17:05] Being terrified and getting an abortion 

[22:55] Feeling like I had lost everything and being depressed 

[25:21] Using theater to process my emotions 

[26:59] Working towards 5 minutes in a mile and meeting that goal

[28:39] My drinking getting worse and vomiting at a dance 

[31:08] Losing confidence in my running and getting pneumonia 

[32:52] Not listening to my coach on the track 

[35:04] Applying to colleges and getting a full scholarship to BU

[37:17] My senior year was horrid, but light was at the end of the tunnel

[40:01] Marty going to BU with me and my running getting better 

[41:12] Going to California for running

[42:36] My relationship with Jay had such good times

[43:51] Feeling connected to my body in a positive way 


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