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Episode 58: Freshman Year: A Tough Transition

Season 6 - Life in High School
Season 6 - Life in High School
Episode 58: Freshman Year: A Tough Transition

Show Notes

The first semester of my freshman year of college was a difficult transition. It was an odd time in between being a teenager and an adult who had to handle things themselves. Learning time management skills, dealing with a coach that pushed me too hard, getting injured, and competing with my teammates made for a whirlwind. By the end of it I was ready to leave, but going home is what helped me realize I had to stay. 

Key Takeaways: 

[6:38] Feeling weird having so much freedom going from 17 to 18

[8:03] Fun I had in the summer of 1981 

[9:23] My first semester of college was terrible 

[10:11] Training camp at BU 

[12:51] Title 9, the impact it had on sports, and my team at BU 

[15:33] We all struggled with things like eating disorders, alcoholism, etc

[16:49] Having to buy things for myself as an adult and growing up 

[18:09] Struggling with time management

[20:21] Coach at BU pitted us against one another and broke us down 

[23:32] Being amazed at the freedom of adulthood and a co-ed dorm 

[25:39] The pressure on the women’s team, the discrimination, and injuries 

[27:46] Noticing how many runners had eating disorders 

[30:58] My injury put a lot of pressure on me and my athletic scholarship 

[33:24] Going home for Christmas break and not having a bedroom anymore 

[34:19] Realizing I need to go back to BU and my relationship with Jay was strained

[35:26] It’s okay if you don’t enjoy college at first, it’s a tough transition 

[37:16] Life is a chronic existence of coexisting emotions 

[38:50] New England weather and remembering to breathe 


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