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Episode 59: Finding my Place in College

Season 6 - Life in High School
Season 6 - Life in High School
Episode 59: Finding my Place in College

Show Notes

My sophomore year was a fantastic year for me. I finally started staying at BU on the weekends and I had found a group of friends. I broke up with Jay and began a healthy relationship with David which has had a substantial impact on my life. To top it off, I became the first female Division 1 All American for BU. I felt on top of the world. 

Key Takeaways: 

[0:57] Reflecting on my actions and goals 

[6:32] Connecting to BU, making friends, and staying for the weekends

[11:36] Struggling a bit at track meets with Jay training me

[13:48] Living in an apartment and being surrounded by all my friends 

[16:19] Gaining better time management skills with my classes

[17:32] Ending my relationship with Jay, but he didn’t want to

[19:12] Drinking socially, not to get drunk 

[20:26] Becoming the first Division 1 female All American at BU

[24:00] Feeling like I had arrived and found my place

[25:38] Meeting David, my first serious and healthy relationship 

[29:01] Going down to the Cape in the summer of 1983

[30:11] Becoming great friends with Sally who is an amazing athlete 

[33:19] Feeling like I mattered, but getting scared when things were good


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