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Episode 60: Graduating from College

Season 6 - Life in High School
Season 6 - Life in High School
Episode 60: Graduating from College

Show Notes

My senior year was filled with academics – and a little cocaine. As crazy as I partied in college, I also took advantage of my full scholarship to BU and got a masters degree in a year. I grew as a person and became much more of an adult, even when I struggling with my on again, off again relationship with David.

Key Takeaways: 

[1:46] Turning point of adulthood the summer after sophomore year 

[3:11] Being introduced to cocaine 

[7:29] Starting my junior year in 1983 with a new running coach 

[10:57] Getting injured, receiving surgery, and not being able to run 

[16:01] Spending most of my time studying and getting ahead 

[17:13] Becoming very close to David’s family 

[22:03] My senior year, struggling with David, and focusing on academics 

[24:43] Partying a ton, getting a masters, and graduating 

[26:29] Breaking up with David and getting back together with him 

[27:29] Getting my tonsils taken out 

[29:08] Finally feeling better and running my best times 

[31:20] The happy and the sad are intertwined in my life 

[32:31] Having no plans after graduating

[33:50] Being awarded a full scholarship is still surreal 

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