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Episode 63: The Calm Before the Storm

Season 6 - Life in High School
Season 6 - Life in High School
Episode 63: The Calm Before the Storm

Show Notes

Elementary school and the 60s feels like the last time I felt okay before I began 4th grade. My mom was a young mom, my dad worked all day, and I spent my summers outside at the public pool. When school was in session I dealt with sexist teachers and when I left for the day I went to church 3 times a week. In this episode, I dive deep into my generational identity and the calm before the storm.

Key Takeaways: 

[2:15] I don’t identify as a boomer and being born into a time of change 

[3:56] My mom being a young mom and having a carefree childhood

[6:46] The TV shows I watched as a child 

[8:11] Constantly playing outside with the neighborhood kids 

[9:56] Household and school life growing up 

[12:11] Not understanding Tom was my biological father yet 

[13:24] The expectations of girls in school in the 60s

[15:26] Having an age gap between siblings and chaos 

[16:38] Swimming at the pool all day 

[18:55] Enjoying time with my grandparents 

[20:58] Divorce and family transcending beyond blood 

[24:25] Going to church every Sunday was a big part of my life  

[26:56] Being very empathetic from a young age 

[29:18] Getting in trouble for wearing pants to school 

[31:08] Climbing the fire escape to leave school 

[34:06] Becoming friends with Suzanne and joining church choir  

[39:32] Trying to understand my mom and how my life went downhill 

[41:42] Being so happy in third grade, but that changing in fourth grade

[43:23] Being overwhelmed by starting school in a new building

[44:36] Missing the first 2 weeks of school because I had the mumps 

[45:46] People think I appear dumb and being people pleasing 

[47:14] My relationship with my mom was wonderful 

[51:48] The summer before 4th grade was the last summer I was okay

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