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Episode 67: I Self Sabotage

Season 6 - Life in High School
Season 6 - Life in High School
Episode 67: I Self Sabotage

Show Notes

I really, really struggle with self sabotage in every aspect of my life. From relationships, to not following through on things, to recreating trauma. It is an endless battle. I am working to better myself by being introspective and examining why I constantly sabotage myself and what I can do to work on it. 

Key Takeaways: 

[1:35] Self sabotage and regret in my life 

[4:09] Physical and emotional stress can make us stronger 

[6:02] Self sabotaging in an effort to protect myself 

[9:48] Sabotaging myself to create familiarity and safety 

[11:05] Drinking to fit in

[13:36] Not having a good diet, but exercising 

[14:53] Teaching even though coaching lite me up 

[17:17] Having this idea off what I’m supposed to be 

[18:09] Sabotaging relationships, finding safety in people, and escaping

[20:36] Not following through on things 

[23:13] Hanging on to past relationships 

[25:47] Reasons for sabotage 

[27:38] I hate being wrongly accused 

[29:24] Being in a state of denial and working to better myself 

[30:41] Recreating trauma and the battle of the brain 

[31:59] Contemplating why I live my life the way I do

[35:37] Thinking about what needs to change in my life 

[38:23] Checking up on past relationships 

[42:11] Trying to better myself and my business 

[44:50] Staying in Concord even though I complain about it 

[47:21] The struggle with social media 


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