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Episode 68: Toxic Shame that Follows Me

Season 6 - Life in High School
Season 6 - Life in High School
Episode 68: Toxic Shame that Follows Me

Show Notes

Sexual abuse has impacted me in many ways: issues with overgiving, boundaries, people pleasing, shame, and intimacy have followed me in my life. I have suffered in physical pain to ignore emotional discomfort with these emotions. This has shown me that I need to confront these feelings and work through the trauma that sexual abuse has left me with. 

Key Takeaways: 

[3:33] Having issues with overgiving 

[6:05] Being anxious and overbearing 

[7:32] Feeling on the outskirts of my friend group 

[9:22] Finding safety in my friendships 

[14:31] Being too trusting in friendships, but struggling to maintain relationships 

[15:21] Accepting the wrong people in my life and being a people pleaser   

[16:24] Feeling like I need to help people even when it burns me 

[17:19] Constantly feeling shame around my choices 

[19:55] Oversharing and boundaries 

[20:55] Intimacy is difficult after my daughter’s death 

[24:45] The toxic shame is not mine to carry 

[26:53] People in my life that were supportive of me 

[32:48] Being emotionally isolated and making peace in my life 

[35:24] Making new friends

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